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Østersøen Arctic Hvid

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This remarkable series by Nordic Marine Instruments draws its inspiration from the captivating Nordic sea, echoing its facets and beauty in every detail.

Crafted from brushed and specially polished stainless steel, the timepieces exude a refined charm, while maintaining a balanced feel on the wrist.  At the heart of this collection lies the unique wave dial, a mesmerizing tribute to the ever-changing nature of the sea. Clean and uncluttered, the design embraces simplicity with a no-date feature, paired with elegantly uncomplicated hands and indices. The brushed steel bezel adds a touch of sophistication, perfectly balancing the watch's aesthetics.

Østersøen Arctic Hvid

Discover the ØSTERSØEN Arctic Hvid, a 40mm stainless steel dive watch that channels the essence of the Nordic sea. Its Danish name, translating to "Arctic white", embodies the serene purity of the region. The mesmerizing ice-white painted wave dial mirrors the crisp tranquility of the winter ice-cold Nordic sea, etching its elegance onto your wrist. With meticulously crafted diamond-cut stainless steel hands and indices, this timepiece creates a mirror-like effect that choreographs a captivating dance of light and shadow. Embrace the timeless serenity of the sea's beauty with every passing moment.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Clean Dial

The Østersøen Arctic Hvid is a fantastic choice. Its fresh white dial and polished stainless steel accents add a fresh and airy feel to it. Whether it's summer or winter, this timepiece looks cool on the wrist at any time. Overall, I'm highly impressed with the Østersøen Arctic Hvid. Its timeless design and exceptional quality make it a must-have for any watch collection.

Helmut Poller
Great watch

As a super early bird on Kickstarter i've got the Havblå version and was very happy wth it.
It's build quality is astonishing and the bracelet is absolutely comfotable.
So I decided to buy the Arctic Hvid too and i'm still enthusiastic with it too.
The dial of both shines different in any angle you look at it, the range is from flat water up to really stormy sea.

Both of my Østersøen are keeping time very well, one runs plus 5 Seconds, the other one minus 3 Seconds per day.