Founder Mick Jørgensen is a savvy entrepreneur who has had a longstanding passion for horology, debuting with the popular Instagram account @wristporn in 2013 and rapidly evolving into the acclaimed WatchBandit website in 2014. The latter is the leading supplier of microbrand watches to the European market and was the first of its kind. There is no denying that Mick knows a thing or two about watches, and it was only a matter of time before he would create his own watch brand.

Watches Made for Connoisseurs

The name “Nordic Marine Instruments” is an amalgam of the founder’s native Danish culture and his passion for high-end everyday tool watches. NMI was created for those who have an affinity for design and proportions, as well as an appreciation for fine materials and craftsmanship. From a visual perspective, NMI’s collections are infused with purposeful sobriety and solid construction that are exemplified in the use of the best materials and in the observance of the highest manufacturing standards.


What often defines quality in a watch is how refined the finishing is, particularly how smooth the transitions between polished and brushed surfaces are. The Nordhavnen comes with satin surfaces on the top and bottom sections of the midcase as well as the center links of the bracelet that naturally blend with one another. Nordic Marine Instruments went for a polishing technique that is entirely done by hand and requires the application of gradual pressure for different lengths of time on the surface to be polished against a diamond paste. The result is mirror-like polished surfaces that we call "MØRK" Finishing.