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Article: Nordic Marine Instruments Østersøen: A Kickstarter Success Story


Nordic Marine Instruments Østersøen: A Kickstarter Success Story

In the fast-paced world of micro-brand watchmaking, Nordic Marine Instruments (NMI) stands out as a true pioneer, going back to the roots of functional watchmaking. With a dedication to precision engineering, usability and timeless nordic design, NMI embarked on a journey to redefine sports watches with a clean and reduced design approach.

Join us as we explore how NMI is redefining sports watches with their clean, minimalist approach to design.

Nordic Marine Instruments Himmelbla-Nautic ropes

Setting Sail: Launching the Østersøen on Kickstarter

The Østersøen made its debut on Kickstarter, capturing the attention of watch enthusiasts worldwide with its reduced design, perfect finish and mesmerizing wave dial. From the start, backers were drawn to the Østersøen's sleek stainless steel case and precision-engineered movement.

Nordic Marine Osterson Havgron-Close up

Surpassing Goals: The Østersøen's Extraordinary Funding Success

The Kickstarter campaign went above and beyond expectations, hitting its funding goal within hours of launch. With 172 backers supporting NMI's new "Dress-Diver", the Østersøen soared to incredible success. Additionally, after the watches were delivered, more were sold directly through our online store.

Nordic Marine Osterson Midnat-Close up
To celebrate our 2-year anniversary, we introduced the black dial "Midnat" in response to the wishes of our fans.
Nordic Marine Instruments Midnat-Black dial-Wrist shot

Sharing Progress: NMI's Commitment to Transparency

Throughout the campaign, NMI kept backers informed every step of the way with Updates on Kickstarter, providing regular updates and engaging with the community to ensure their voices were heard.

The vibrant fan community on German UhrForum played a key role in shaping the design and specifications of the watches, providing valuable feedback directly from the expert watch community. Transparency and integrity were key pillars of NMI's approach. 

Now, both existing NMI collectors and those interested in joining can connect in our Nordic Marine Instruments Owners Group on Facebook. Join us today!

Celebrating Success: The Østersøen's Phenomenal Reception

As the campaign drew to a close, the Østersøen had not only met but exceeded all expectations. With the support of 172 of backers, NMI had successfully brought its vision to life, proving that passion and dedication can make dreams a reality.

In addition to its success on Kickstarter, the Østersøen watches garnered significant attention from renowned YouTube channels within the watch community. Featuring detailed reviews and hands-on impressions, these channels highlighted the exceptional craftsmanship and design of the Østersøen timepieces.

The overwhelmingly positive response from viewers further solidified the watches' reputation for quality and innovation, contributing to their widespread popularity and acclaim

What's Next: Introducing the Søvaern Naval-Field Watch

Looking ahead, NMI is excited to introduce its new Naval-Field watch, Søvaern, inspired by the rich maritime heritage of the Nordic region. Søvaern promises to be a new success to NMI's collection of naval inspired wristwatches. Don't miss out on our latest release—subscribe to our newsletter today!

Coming Soon: The Revamped Østersøen Collection

In addition to the Søvaern, NMI is thrilled to announce the reintroduction of the Østersøen this fall. Alongside revived best sellers from the current collection, the new Østersøen will feature an array of special new dials, offering something unique for every watch enthusiast.

As NMI continues to push the boundaries of watchmaking, one thing remains clear: the Østersøen and Søvaern collections are just the beginning of an exciting journey. With innovation, passion, and a relentless pursuit of perfection, NMI is poised to redefine luxury timepieces for years to come.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on our journey as we continue to create watches that inspire and delight.

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