Introducing Nordic Marine Instruments: A Fusion of Danish Heritage and Watchmaking Excellence

Introducing Nordic Marine Instruments: A Fusion of Danish Heritage and Watchmaking Excellence

In the realm of watchmaking, where craftsmanship meets innovation, there are few brands that embody the spirit of their origins quite like Nordic Marine Instruments. Founded by the Danish visionary Mick Jelsdal Jørgensen, this emerging watch brand draws inspiration from the serene waters of Copenhagen, where Mick's childhood memories of fishing and swimming with his father and brother kindled a lifelong passion for horology.

Mick Jelsdal Jørgensen

Nordic Design Watch

Nordic Marine Instruments represents the perfect blend of minimalist design, functionality and a deeply rooted Nordic heritage. Mick Jørgensen, having Danish roots himself, wanted to create a watch that reflected the essence of his beloved North. And this brand was born with a clear vision. And thus, the brand was born, with a clear vision in mind: to offer watches that exude a sense of calm, serenity, and unwavering focus.

Nordic Marine Instruments Nordhavnen Collection

At the heart of the Nordic Marine Instruments ethos is an unwavering commitment to quality excellence. Each watch is carefully crafted with great attention to detail. High quality materials are used to ensure durability and accuracy. Stainless steel dominates the design, giving it a strong and durable look. The fusion of functionality and beauty creates a watch that blends seamlessly into the wearer's lifestyle and embodies the Nordic philosophy of simple elegance.

The new Nordic Marine Instruments ØSTERSØEN 

As we embrace the autumn of 2023, Nordic Marine Instruments is excited to unveil its latest creation on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter: The ØSTERSØEN. This eagerly anticipated timepiece showcases the brand's evolution, blending classic elements with innovative features. From the minimalist dial to the robust stainless steel case, every aspect of The ØSTERSØEN embodies Nordic Marine Instruments' unwavering dedication to excellence and nordic minimalism. 


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Discover the timeless elegance of Danish design

As Nordic Marine Instruments continues to chart its course in the vast ocean of watchmaking, we invite you to be a part of our story. Discover the timeless elegance of Danish design combined with the precision of Nordic watchmaking. Together, let us redefine what it means to wear a watch that captures the essence of the Nordic spirit.

Stay tuned for the launch of The ØSTERSØEN on Kickstarter this autumn. Join us on this remarkable voyage, where the past and the future meet to create extraordinary timepieces that will stand the test of time.

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